Welcome to Minder Planning Group, when it comes to your financial success you need a professional that has your goals at the forefront when working for you.  When working with Minder Planning Group you can be assured that our goals are your goals.  We are an independent, fee-only wealth management firm.  What does this mean?  We work directly for you the client.  We do not work for a bank, insurance company or a Wall Street firm.  We are compensated by our clients for what we do for you, not by what product we sell.

At Minder Planning Group it is our job to provide actionable advice for your goals.  We act as your investment advisor, money coach and sometimes your financial therapist.

Minder Planning Group is a comprehensive wealth management firm offering the following:       

  • Investment Management              
  • Financial Planning  
  • Retirement Planning  
  • Individual Retirement Plan Management
  • Corporate Retirement Plan Management   

Our Commitment to our clients is that we will treat our clients with courtesy and integrity.  We will provide unbiased advice and opinions to your goals.  We will fully disclose and manage unavoidable conflicts in the clients favor.